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Hey there!

I’m Alivette (Vigo) Sadiqi

I’m kind of obsessed with mental wellness.

In case you didn’t know, I’m an author who is passionate about promoting wellness and authenticity. I want to inspire people to live their best life despite their circumstances. I graduated from college with a technical degree, but realized that the best teacher is life, and have learned valuable lessons through my own personal journey that I want to impart to you.

With Make Peace With Anxiety: Manage the Good, Bad and Out of Control, I’m hoping to share my insights on anxiety and depression, how to overcome them, and learning to recognize how they might be impacting other parts of your life!

Ready To Rediscover Your Inherent self?

Be compassionate and remind yourself of the mental priorities that are going to give back to your sense of wellness and joy!

Emotions are an essential part of being human—anxiety included. Anxiety appears when the mind determines it is necessary to handle certain moments, situations, or at the perceived appropriate time. However, if anxiety manifests as excessive worrying leading to unreasonable fear, unhealthy behaviors, or physical pain, there is a problem. The good news is anxiety won’t stop you from living a beautiful life; all you must do is manage it well. Alivette Vigo will show you how…

Inside the book, you'll discover:

How to decipher if your anxiety is healthy or not

A word on mental health stigma

How spirituality and self-growth aid anxiety management

What to consider when selecting emotional and medical support

And more…


My Book
Make Peace With Anxiety

Manage the Good, Bad and Out of Control today!

For too long, the topic of mental health has been misunderstood and people with mental illness have been subjected to constant stigma. Make Peace With Anxiety provides its readers with useful information for understanding mental illness, tools for improving their mental health, and encouraging messages to show compassion to themselves and anyone living with mental health issues.

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Author & Life Coach 

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